Scapa flow 2009 : Other photos

There are quite a few photos from the 2009 Scapa Flow trip already on the site but there are some that need a special mention, if only to explain so that nobody gets the wrong idea.


IMG_3402A first thought was ”there is bird muck on the windscreen”. Actually, it’s snow still on the hills in June. 

 Going with the same subject…

There is something on your jacket.

What a great way to start off the holiday!
“Steve, there is a bit of a mark on your jacket.” We wondered what he had been doing in the back of the car but it was a well aimed present off a seagull. Despite being told how it was lucky to get splattered with seagull s..t Steve did not rush out to get any lottery tickets.

I don’t think anyone wants to see the other photos of  “who hasn’t flushed the toilet” and “who’s just flushed the toilet into the harbour”.

HaircutTerry met someone to look up to while he was away. With time to spare in the morning he went for a quick tidy up of his hair.

20062009-4It was the other way round for James with someone having to stand on the chair so that they could talk to him.



2006200920062009-2Dave “Ozzy” Greenwood grabbed the mike and sang some Black Sabbath songs accompanied by  dancing groupies.



Barrel of ButterBarrel of ButterWe can’t forget the Barrel of Butter. It was hard to spot, but quite a few people managed to recognise it with the help of those who had seen it before.

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